About us

Elon Electrics specialises in industrial, medical and dental, rail, and commercial electrical work for organisations of all sizes. 


The company has been in operation for more than 20 years. Elon Electrics was first formed in 1988 under the name Jaemac Electrics. Paul Brown Electrics took over in 2012. James (Jimmy) Sandford, then the General Manager, helped the team continue to grow the company. In 2017 Jimmy took ownership of the company, which has since been trading as Elon Electrics. 

Now one of Melbourne’s most experienced and trusted industrial and commercial electricians, the company continues to service long-term clients and build new partnerships. 

Today Elon Electrics is in an exciting new phase of business – committed to providing high-quality electrical services while innovating and expanding its expertise in the ever-evolving electrical industry.


Safety is our first consideration in every step we take. Elon Electrics is a proud member of Master Electricians Australia (MEA) and is committed to a safe working environment to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved with our business. A key priority in all our activities is the continuous improvement of safety standards through the development and maintenance of a positive safety culture.

Company values

  • Service

  • Integrity

  • Professionalism

  • Safety