Other services


Elon Electrics’ commercial clients range from offices and cinemas to restaurants and bars.



We work alongside major suppliers to design and implement lighting for all areas, from surgeries to carparks.

Design and consulting

We can offer advice from the initial planning phase of your project to the day the safety certificate is signed.

Power analysis

We can bring a top-of-the-line power analyser to your site to log power usage, supply quality and other variables to ensure your site is running as efficiently as possible.

Circuit breaker testing

With one of the very few circuit breaker testers in Australia, we can test the circuit breakers in your switchboard to ensure they will operate safely in the event of an electrical fault. 

Circuit breaker failure is a known cause of electrical fire. Residual-current devices (RCDs) protect people, circuit breakers protect buildings – yet circuit breakers are expected to go for decades without being tested. For complete peace of mind, contact us if you’d like to add circuit breaker testing to your electrical maintenance schedule.